Joshua chapter .xvi.

And the lot of the children of Ioseph fell from Iordan by Iericho, unto the water of Iericho eastward, and the wilderness that goeth up from Iericho thorowout mount Bethel: and then goeth out from Bethel to Lus, and runneth along unto the borders of Arciataroth: and goeth down westward, even unto the coasts of Iaphlethi, and unto the coasts of Bethhoron the nether, and so to Gasor, and the ends of their coasts came to the sea. And so the children of Ioseph, Manasses and Ephraim took their inheritance.
And the children of Ephraim took their coasts by kindreds. And the coasts of their inheritance Eastward were, Ataroth Ador, even unto Bethhoron the upper, and went out westward to Machmathah on the North side, and compassed Eastward unto Thaanath Silo, and past it on the East side unto Ianoah, and went down from Ianoah to Ataroth and Naarath, and met at Iericho, and went out at Iordan. And their borders went from Thaphuah westward unto the river Kanah, and the ends were the sea. This is the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Ephraim in their kindreds, and the bordering cities of the children of Ephraim, lie among the inheritance of the children of Manasses: even all the cities with their villages. Notwithstanding they drave not out the Cananites that dwelt in Gasor: but the Cananites dwelt among the Ephraites unto this day, and pay tribute.


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