Joshua chapter .xij.

These are the kings of the land which the children of Israel smote and conquered their lands, on the other side Iordan eastward, from the river Arnon, unto mount Hermon, and all the plain eastward: Sehon king of the Amorites that dwelt in Hesbon, and ruled from Aroer, which lieth on the brim of the river of Arnon, and to the middle of the river, and half Gilead unto the river Iabock, the border of the children of Ammon: And in the plain unto the sea of Ceneroth eastward, and unto the sea in the plain called the salt sea Eastward, the way to Beth, Iesimoth and by south under the springs of Phasgah. And the coasts of Og, king of Basan which was of the remnant of the Raphaites and dwelt at Astharoth, and Edrai: and reigned in mount Hermon, and in Salecah, and thorowout all Basan, unto the borders, of the Gesurites, and the Macathites and half Gilead, unto the borders of Sehon king of Hesbon. Moses the servant of the LORD and the children of Israel smote them, and Moses the servant of the LORD, gave their lands a possession, unto the Rubenites, Gaddites, and half the tribe of Manasses.
These are the kings of the country which Iosua and the children of Israel smote on this side Iordan, westward, from Baal Gad in the valley of Libanon, even unto mount Halak that goeth up to Seir. And Iosua gave the land unto the tribes of Israel to possess, to every man his part: in the upper land, and nether land, in plains, and springs of water, in the wilderness, and south country the Hethites, the Amorites, the Cananites, the Pheresites, the Hevites and the Iebusites. The king of Iericho: The king of Ai beside Bethel: The king of Ierusalem: The king of Hebron: The king of Ierimoth: the king of Lachis: The king of Eglon: The king of Gazer: The king of Dabir: The king of Gader: The king of Horma: The king of Ered: The king of Libna: The king of Odolam: The king of Makeda: The king of Bethel: The king of Thaphuah: The king of Hepher: The king of Aphek: The king of Lasaron: The king of Madan: The king of Haser: The king Someronmeron: The king of Acsaph: The king Thenach: The king of Magedo: The king of Cades: The king of Iakanam in Carmel: The king of the country of Dor: The king of the nations in Gilgal: and king Therzah: All the kings together thirty and one.


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