Judges chapter .v.

Then debora and Barak the son of Abinoam sang the same day: saying Praise the LORD in them that were willing while other sat still in Israel. Hear kings and hearken lords, I will sing, and give praise unto the LORD God, of Israel. LORD when thou departedest out of Seir and camest from the fields of Edom, the earth trembled, and the heaven rained, and the clouds dropped water: the mountains melted before the LORD, even mount Sinai before the LORD God of Israel.
In the days of Samgar the son of Anath and in the days of Iael, the high ways were unoccupied. And they that walked by paths, went by ways that set compasses about. The villages were uninhabited in Israel, were uninhabited: until I Debora arose until I arose a mother in Israel. God chose new fashions of war, for when they had war at their gates: there was not seen among forty thousand, either shield or spear in Israel. Mine heart loveth the maintainers of the law in Israel, that are willing among the people. Bless the LORD ye that ride on goodly Asses and sit in judgment. And ye that walk by the ways make ditties. Now the archers did cry, where men draw water, there shall they tell of the justice of the LORD, and of the justice of his uplandish folk in Israel. And then the people of the LORD went down unto the gates.
Up up Debora, up up and sing a song, up Barak, and take thy prey, thou son of Abinoam. Then they that had escaped, reigned over the proudest of the people. The LORD reigneth over the strong. Ephraim was the first against Amalek, and after them BenIamin, among the people. Of Machir came learned men in the law, and of Zabulon that well could draw with the pen of a scribe. The lords of Isacar were with Debora. And as Barak, even so was Isacar sent into the valley afoot. But in the divisions of Ruben, were great imaginations of heart. Wherefore abodest thou among the sheepfolds, to hear the bleatings of the flocks. In the divisions of Ruben, great were the imaginations of heart. Gilead abode on the other side Iordan, and why tarried Dan in ships. And Aser sat in the havens of the sea, and abode still in his own coasts. But Zabulon is a people that put their lives in jeopardy of death, and Nephthalim in like manner, even unto the top of the fields. kings came and fought. Then fought the king of Canaan at Thanach, upon the water of Magedo. But the silver that they coveted, they carried not away. From heaven came battle: for the stars being in their course, fought against Sisara. The river of Kison caught them away: that ancient river the river Kison. My soul: tread thou the mighty underfoot. Then they malled the horses' legs, that their mighty coursers left prancing. Curse Meroz bade the angel of the LORD; Curse; Curse the inhabiters thereof because they came not forth to help the LORD, to help the LORD among the mighty.
Blessed be Iael the wife of Haber the Kenite, above other women: above other women blessed be she in the tent. He asked water, but she gave him milk, and brought butter in a goodly dish. She caught a nail in her left hand, and a working hammer in her right, and nailed Sisara and wounded his head and pierced and went thorow his temples. Between her feet he bowed himself, fell down and lay still: Between her feet he bowed himself and fell. And whither he bowed himself, thither he fell brought to nought. thorow a window looked Sisara's mother and howled thorow a lattice, why abideth his chariot so long, that it cometh not, why tarry the wheels of his wagons? The wisest of her ladies answered her: yea and she answered her own words herself, haply, they have found, and divide the spoil. A maid, yea two maids for a piece: a spoil of divers colours for Sisara, a spoil of divers colours with broidered works, divers coloured broidered works for the neck for a prey. So, perish all thine enemies LORD: but they that love thee, let them be as the sun rising in his might. And the land had rest forty years.


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