Jeremiah chapter 11

This is another Sermon, which the LORD commanded Ieremy for to preach, saying: Hear the words of the covenant, and speak unto all Iudah, and to all them that dwell at Ierusalem. And say thou unto them: Thus sayeth the LORD God of Israel: Cursed be every one that is not obedient unto the words of this covenant: which I commanded unto your fathers, what time as I brought them out of Egypt, from the iron furnace, saying: Be obedient unto my voice, and do according to all that I commanded you: so shall ye be my people, and I will be your God, and will keep my promise, that I have sworn unto your fathers: Namely, that I would give them a land which floweth with milk and honey, as ye see, it is come to pass unto this day. Then answered I, and said. Amen. It is even so O LORD, as thou sayest. Then the LORD said unto me again: preach this in the cities of Iuda and round about Ierusalem, and say: Hear the words of this covenant, that ye may keep them. For I have diligently exhorted your fathers, ever since the time that I brought them out of the Land of Egypt unto this day. I gave them warning by times, saying: hearken unto my voice: Nevertheless, they would not obey me, nor inclined their ears unto me, but followed the wicked imaginations of their own hearts. And therefore have I accused them as transgressors of all the words of this covenant, that I gave them to keep, which they (not with understanding) have not kept. And the LORD said unto me: It is found out, that whole Israel and all these citizens of Ierusalem are gone back. They have turned themselves to the blasphemies of their forefathers, which had no lust to hear my word. Even likewise have these also followed strange gods, and worshiped them. The house of Israel and Iuda have broken my covenant, which I made with their fathers.
Therefore thus sayeth the LORD: Behold, I will send a plague among you, which ye shall not be able to escape: and though ye cry unto me, I will not hear you. Then shall the towns of Iudah and the citizens of Ierusalem go, and call upon their gods, unto whom they made their oblations: but they are not able to help them in time of their trouble. For as many cities as thou hast, O Iudah, so many gods hast thou also: And look how many streets there be in thee (O Ierusalem) so many shameful altars have ye set up, to offer upon them unto Baal. But pray not thou for this people, bid neither praise nor prayer for them, for though they cry unto me in their trouble, yet will I not hear them. O thou beloved, why doest thou so shameful great blasphemies in my house? even as though that holy flesh might absolve thee, specially when thou hast made thy boast of thy wickedness. The LORD called thee a green olive tree, a fair one, a fruitful one, a goodly one: but now that there is a contrary report of thee abroad, he will burn thee up, and destroy thy branches. For the LORD of Hosts that planted thee hath devised a plague for thee (O thou house of Israel and Iudah) for the evil that ye have done to provoke him to wrath, in that ye did service unto Baal.
This (O LORD) have I learned of thee, and understand it, for thou hast shewed me their imaginations. But I (as a meek lamb) was carried away to be slain: not knowing, that they had devised such a counsel against me saying: We will destroy his meat with wood, and drive him out of the land of the living: that his name shall never be thought upon. Therefore I will beseech thee now (O LORD of Hosts) thou righteous judge, thou that tryest the reins and the hearts: let me see the avenged of them, for unto thee have I committed my cause. The LORD therefore spake thus of the citizens of Anathoth, that sought to slay me, saying: Preach not unto us in the name of the LORD, or else thou shalt die of our hands. Thus (I say) spake the LORD of Hosts: Behold, I will visit you. Your young men shall perish with the sword, your sons and your daughters shall utterly die of hunger, so that none shall remain. For upon the citizens of Anathoth will I bring a plague, and the year of their visitation.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.