Ezekiel chapter 26

It happened, that in the eleventh year, and the first day of the Month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying: Thou son of man, because that Tyre hath spoken upon Ierusalem: Aha, now I trow the ports of the people be broken, and she turned unto me, for I have destroyed my belly full. Yea therefore sayeth the Lord GOD: Behold O Tyre, I will upon thee, I will bring a great multitude of people against thee, like as when the sea ariseth with his waves: These shall break the walls of Tyre, and cast down her towers: I will scrape the ground from her, and make her a bare stone: Yea as the drying place, where the fishers hang up their nets by the sea side. Even I have spoken it, sayeth the Lord GOD. The Gentiles shall spoil her: her daughters upon the field shall perish with the sword, that they may know, how that I am the LORD. For thus sayeth the Lord GOD: Behold, I will bring hither Nabuchodonosor (which is the king of Babylon and a king of kings) from the North upon Tyre, with horses, chariots, horsemen, and with a great multitude of people. Thy daughters that are in the land, shall he slay with the sword: but against thee, he shall make bulwarks and grave up ditches about thee, and lift up his shield against thee. His slings and battlerams shall he prepare for thy walls, and with his weapons break down thy towers. The dust of his horses shall cover thee, they shall be so many: thy walls shall shake at the noise of the horsemen, chariots and wheels: when he cometh to thy ports, as men do into an open city. With the hoofs of his horse's feet, shall he tread down all thy streets. He shall slay thy people with the sword, and break down the pillars of thy strength. They shall waste away thy riches, and spoil thy merchandise. Thy walls shall they break down, and destroy thy houses of pleasure. Thy stones, thy timber and foundations shall they cast in the water. Thus will I bring the melody of thy songs, and the voice of thy minstrelsy to an end, so that they shall no more be heard. I will make a bare stone of thee, yea a drying place for nets, an shall never be builded again: For even I the LORD have spoken it, sayeth the Lord GOD:
Thus hath the Lord GOD spoken concerning Tyre; The isles shall be moved at the noise of thy fall, and at the cry of the slain, that shall be murdered in thee. All kings of the sea shall come down from their seats regal: they shall lay away their robes, and put off their costly clothing: Yea with trembling shall they be clothed, they shall sit upon the ground: they shall be afraid at thy sudden fall, and be abashed at thee. They shall mourn for thee, and say unto thee: O thou noble city, that hast been so greatly occupied of old, thou that hast been the strongest upon the sea with thine inhabiters of whom all men stood in fear: How art thou now so utterly destroyed? Now at the time of thy fall the inhabiters of the Isles; Yea and the Iles themselves, shall stond in fear at thine end. For thus sayeth the Lord GOD: when I make thee a desolate city, (as other cities be, that no man dwell in) and when I bring the deep upon thee, that great waters may cover thee: Then will I cast thee down unto them, that descend into the pit, unto a people that hath been long dead, and set thee in a land that is beneath, like the old wilderness, with them which go down to their graves, so that no man shall dwell more in thee. And I will make thee to be no more in honor, in the land of the living. I will make an end of thee, and thou shalt be gone. Though thou be sought for, yet shalt thou not be found for evermore, sayeth the Lord GOD.


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Praise the Everlasting Lord for His Faithful Word.