1 Kings chapter .ix.

And when Salomon had finished the building of the house of the LORD and of the king's palace, and of all that his desire and lust was to make: the LORD appeared unto him again, as he appeared to him at Gabaon. And the LORD said unto him: I have heard thy prayer and intercession that thou madest before me, and have hallowed this house which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually. And if thou wilt walk before me, as David thy father walked, in pureness of heart and plainness, to do all that I have commanded thee, and shalt keep mine ordinances and customs: then I will stablish the seat of thy kingdom upon Israel for ever, as I promised to David thy father saying: Thou shalt not be without one or other upon the seat of Israel. But and if ye and your children shall turn away from after me, and shall not keep mine ordinances which I have set before you, but shall go and serve other gods and bow yourselves unto them: then I will weed Israel out of the land which I have given them. And this house which I have hallowed for my name, I will put out of my sight. And Israel shall be a proverb and a fable unto all nations. And this house which is so high, all that pass by it shall be astonied and shall hiss and say: why hath the LORD dealt on this manner with this land and with this house? And it shall be answered then, because they forsook the LORD their God which brought their fathers out of the land of Egypt, and have taken hold upon other gods and have stooped unto him and served them: therefore hath the LORD brought upon them all this evil.
Then at the end of twenty years in which Salomon had built the two houses, that is to wete, the house of the LORD and the king's palace: because Hiram the king of Tyre had supported him with Cedar, fir and gold, as much as he desired: therefore Salomon gave Hiram twenty cities in the land of Galilee. And when Hiram was come from Tyre to see the cities which Salomon had given him, they pleased him not. Wherefore he said: what cities are these which thou hast given me, my brother? and he called them the land of Cabull unto this day. This Hiram had sent the king six score hundredweight of gold.
And this is the sum of the tribute, which king Salomon raised to build the house of the LORD and his own house, and Mello and the walls of Ierusalem, and Hezer, and Magedo, and Gazer. For Pharao king of Egypt went up and took Gazer and burnt it with fire, and slew the Cananites that dwelt in the city, and gave it for a present unto his daughter that was Salomon's wife. And Salomon built Gazer and Beth Horon the nether: and Baalath and Thamar in the wilderness that is in the land: and all the store cities that Salomon had, and cities for his chariots, and cities for his horsemen and all that his lust was to build in Ierusalem and Libanon and in all the land of his kingdom. And all the people that were left of the Amorites, Hethites, Pherethites, Hevites and Iebusites, which were not of the children of Israel, the children of the said nations that were left in the land, because the children of Israel were not able to destroy them, did Salomon make tributaries unto this day. And of the children of Israel did Salomon make no bondmen. But they were men of war and his servants and his lords and Captains and rulers of his chariots and of his Horsemen. And these many lords that oversaw the work had Salomon, five hundredth and fifty, which ruled the people that wrought in the work. And Pharao's daughter came up out of the city of David unto the house which Salomon had built for her. And after that he built Mello. And thrice a year did Salomon offer burntofferings and peaceofferings upon the altar which he had built unto the LORD, to burn the fat thereon: which altar is before the LORD. And when king Salomon had made the house perfect, he made ships in Azion Gaber which is beside Eloth, on the brink of the red sea, in the land of Edom. And Hiram sent by ship also of his servants, that were shipmen and expert in the sea, with the servants of Salomon. And they went to Ophir and fetched from thence gold, to the sum of four hundredth and twenty two talents, and brought it to Salomon.


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