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Faith Of God • View topic - Iesu, Jesus, JesuChristo, Yeshuah Mashiach

Iesu, Jesus, JesuChristo, Yeshuah Mashiach

"whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things pertain to love, whatsoever things are of honest report, if there be any virtuous thing, if there be any laudable thing, (of learning) those same have ye in your mind, Php. 4:8

Iesu, Jesus, JesuChristo, Yeshuah Mashiach

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John 19:19-20
19 Pilate wrote his title, and put it on the cross: The writing was, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.  20This title read many of the jews. For the place where Jesus was crucified, was nigh to the city. And it was written in hebrew, greek and latin.  
- Tyndale and friends Bible
(For the word "Nazareth" see post: "The Sprong Branch")

The Greek translation of the Hebrew word Messiah or Mashiach (meaning the Anointed) is "Christos" and is transliterated to English as Christ. The Greek of the Hebrew word Yahshuah is "Iesous" and was originally translated Iesu to the Latin and then to divers languages {meaning "He is the salvation".} Only later when divers languages adapted the letter "J" was it translated Jesus. The poetic name of God is YAH {uttered like in alleluYA meaning "you all praise the Everlasting Lord"} mentioned in the Psalms, the writings and prophets. Salvation or to save in Hebrew is SHUAH, as found in name Joshua from the first five books of Moses. Most importantingly the Eternal Lord God said his name will be what it will be.
Exodus 3:14
Then said God unto Moses: I will be what I will be: and he said, this shalt thou say unto the children of Israel: I will be did send me to you.
- Tyndale and friends Bible
Malachi 3:6-18
6For I am the LORD that change not, and ye (O children of Jacob) will not leave off:  7ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and since the time of your forefathers have ye not kept them. Turn you now unto me, and I will turn me unto you, sayeth the LORD of Hosts. Ye say: Wherein shall we turn?  8Should a man use falsity and deceit with God, as ye use falsity and deceit with me. Yet ye say wherein use we deceit with thee? In Tithes and heave offerings.  9Therefore are ye cursed with penury, because ye dissemble with me, all the sort of you.  10Bring every Tithe in to my barn, that there may be meat in mine house: and prove me withall (sayeth the LORD of Hosts) if I will not open the windows of heaven unto you, and pour you out a blessing with plenteousness.  11Yea, I shall reprove the consumer for your sakes, so that he shall not eat up the fruit of your ground, neither shall the vineyard be barren in the field, sayeth the LORD of Hosts:  12In so much that all people shall say, that ye be blessed, for ye shall be a pleasant land, sayeth the LORD of Hosts.  13Ye speak hard words against me, sayeth the LORD. And yet ye say: What have we spoken against thee?  14Ye have said: It is but lost labour, to serve God: What profit have we for keeping his commandments, and for walking humbly before the LORD of Hosts?  15Therefore may we say, that the proud are happy, and that they which deal with ungodliness, are set up: for they tempt God and yet escape.  16But they that fear God, say thus one to another: the LORD considereth and heareth it. Yea it is before him a memorial book, written for such as fear the LORD, and remember his name.  17And in the day that I will make (sayeth the LORD of Hosts) they shall be mine own possession: and I will favour them, like as a man favoureth his own son, that doth him service.  18Turn you therefore, and consider what difference is betwixt the righteous and ungodly: betwixt him that serveth God, and him that serveth him not.  
- Tyndale and friends Bible

John 5:43-47
43I am come in my father's name, and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him will ye receive.  44How can ye believe, which receive praise one of another, and seek not the praise which cometh of God only?  45Suppose not, that I will accuse you to my father. There is one that accuseth you, verily Moses in whom ye trust.  46For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: For he wrote of me.  47But when ye believe not his writing: how shall ye believe my words.  
- Tyndale and friends Bible
John 8:58
Jesus said unto them: Verily, verily I say unto you: yer Abraham was I am.
- Tyndale and friends Bible
Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ yesterday and today, and the same continueth for ever.
- Tyndale and friends Bible
2 Timothy 2:11-13
11It is a true saying: If we be dead with him, we also shall live with him;  12If we be patient, we shall also reign with him; If we deny him, he also shall deny us;  13If we believe not, yet abideth he faithful; He cannot deny himself.  
- Tyndale and friends Bible

There are many transliterated derivatives of the Hebrew name Yashuah like "Yeshua, Iesous, Iesus, Iesu, Jesus" etc.. since in translating one language to another there will be a unique way of expression. In Hebrew the name that sounds like Yeshua is even used today in Israel; and ironic of the original name to start with YES taking into account Second Corinthians 1:19 that "in him it was Yes:"
2 Corinthians 1:19
For God's son Jesus Christ which was preached among you by us (that is to say by me and Silvanus and Thimotheus) was not yea and nay: but in him it was Yea:
- Tyndale and friends Bible

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It is interesting that the uttering of "Yesua" almost sounds like "yes you are"; and also when we sneeze, it does sound like the abbreviated name Y'shu; that usually afterwards somebody will consciously say "God bless you" or in Portuguese "saúde" (and Spanish likewise Salud) meaning "health to you"; And truly he is the Christ our health.

Acts 10:43
To him giveth all the prophets witness, that thorow his name shall receive remission of sins all that believe in him.
- Tyndale and friends Bible

For edification sake according to the Scriptures, the name's inspiration is not so much how you write it as Jesus, Iesu, Yeshuah but to just receive the only begotten son who is come directly from the heavenly father in it's pure signification as God's Salvation of YES-US, yes as divinely revealed to Josef:
Matthew 1:20-21
20While he thus thought, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in sleep saying: Joseph the son of David, fear not to take unto thee, Mary thy wife. For that which is conceived in her, is of the holy ghost.  21She shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus. For he shall save his people from their sins.  
- Tyndale and friends Bible
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